Privacy policy

We respect privacy of yourself and any data you share with us!

No legal talks... We do our best to provide as transparent and secure service as possible. Here is the story.

Account and Passwords

Since we use authentication through your Google Account we have no idea what your password is and don't store any.

We store your login E-mail and Name which is set within your Google Account.

You're free to revoke Access provided to at your Google Account Permissions page.

Access to your Google Analytics data

Some of our services require access to your Google Analytics account. We do not load and store any traffic data you don't explicitly ask for or are part of any analysis you've requested from the Service.

Some of our services provide best value with 'Offline access' to your account. We use this only for your comfort or to provide services you want:

For best possible experience we automatically load following Google Analytics Account settings at moment you login:

We respect following Privacy requirements also

Not enough?

For more details on how we use, access or handle your data feel free to ask

We're happy to sign NDA if it's important for your business or your clients.