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Get rid of Referral SPAM in Google Analytics forever

  • Install and Automatically update Referral SPAM filters.
  • Blocks new incoming SPAM from the day you turn it on. No impact on historical data. (It's not possible in Google Analytics.)
  • Almost weekly updates - whenever new SPAM appears in any of our monitored accounts or public lists.
  • High-quality filters make your data as clean as possible.
  • Installation in 3 simple steps.

Do you need this?

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Small Business

$9.99 / Year

  • 3 Google Analytics Account
  • 10 Google Analytics Views
  • 1 User (you)
  • E-mail support
  • Recurring annual payment

Online Business

$19.99 / Year

  • 10 Google Analytics Account
  • 100 Google Analytics Views
  • 1 User (you)
  • E-mail support
  • Recurring annual payment

Gurus & Agencies

$199.99 / Year

or $19.99 / Month

  • 100 Google Analytics Account
  • 10000 Google Analytics Views
  • 100 Users
  • E-mail support
  • Recurring monthly or annual payment

Few reasons to pick our service

  • Click and forget - as soon as you click to Install anti-SPAM filters button, you don't have to worry about anything. Our system will take care of the whole process.
  • Applicable to any Google Analytics Account - our filters won't hurt any data and will work with any any kind of Google Analytics implementation (even with mobile apps accounts).
  • We search for new SPAM daily - actually 4 times a day, with us you'll have your data as clean as possible.
  • We support the community - we share new found SPAM domains with others so as our client you're helping too.
  • Special features - we are happy to provide individual features. E.g. Automatically install filters on new Google Analytics Accounts you'll have in the future.
  • Filters compression - our advanced alogrithm keep filters compressed and as few as possible - they don't make to much mess in your Filters list and takes less time to e.g. remove them manually. At the moment we create 24 filters (others set up around 30 while filtering same ammount of SPAMmers).
  • We've designed the service with non-experts in mind - you don't have to worry you'll break anything, we show you where the filter are implemented and whether you have enough rights to implement them.
  • You don't have to instal any codes on your website.
  • We listen to your feedback - feel free to fill the feedback form or send e-mail. We're happy to help.
  • We really know what we're doing - We have more than 10 years experience with implementing Google Analytics and even advanced tools.

3 simple steps to get rid of SPAM

  1. Sign in with your Google Account.
  2. Select Google Analytics Views to protect against SPAM.
  3. Click Install anti-SPAM filters button.

Payment options

  • Paypal automatically recurring - service active in minutes.
  • Direct payment to our bank account - payment and service activation will take few days.

Service requirements

  • We can only update filters on Google Analytics Accounts to which you have Edit Access rights.
  • Automatic updates requires Offline Access allowed. Otherwise you'll receive e-mail notification and filters will be updated upon your login.

You are free to...

  • Link DIGMATO Referral SPAM filters manually to any other View within Google Analytics Account.
  • Manually copy filters to any additional accounts, but they won't be automatically updated.

Individual offers

Ask for individual offer if your needs exceed 'Online Business' plan or you need something special.

We're friends with agencies.


Are you sure it won't damage my data?
Yes we are! Unlike many 'single filter solutions' out there, our tool does only what it says - blocks new comming SPAM traffic and it's applicable to any Google Analytics Account.

What happens if I accidentally remove some of your filters?
Don't worry they'll be fixed in the next update.

I've already installed some Referral SPAM filters, do I have to remove them?
It's not necesseary to remove your old filters. However the filter list in your Google Analytics Account may look a bit messy.

Can I upgrade the plan in the future?
Sure, it's possible. Just order the plan that suits you now and upgrade if you really need.