Referral SPAM in Google Analytics

Referral SPAM is a fake traffic created by robots to make marketers to come to visit these websites.

We do our best to maintain the list of SPAMmers as extensive as possible. Our automated tool checks 100s of Google Analytics accounts 4 times a day to find sources that are very likely SPAM. We manually review all of them and publish the list. We also update filters for our clients at the same time.

If you feel there are some domains missing, feel free to send them via feedback form. We manually review all added domains to keep the quality of the list.

We help to get rid of SPAM

We've made a tool that adds filters to Google Analytics just in few clicks and keeps the filters always updated.

Get rid of SPAM forever!

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New SPAMmers appear every week, so our tool updates updates the filters on your behalf regularly to minimize the traffic generated by SPAMmers.

We've implemented more than 270 000 anti SPAM filters.

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